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KC Kean

My Story

I’m KC Kean, an Amazon Bestselling Author of Reverse Harem Romance. It’s my jam.

Born and raised in Manchester, United Kingdom, I live with my partner, Michael, two children, and a fur baby. I say partner because one day we’ll get married…maybe.

I love ridiculously sweet coffee, piping hot cups of tea, and all of the cake. My children have taught me all of the Fortnite emotes, and every Pokemon in existence. While I’ve showed them…how to fit a whole cupcake into their mouth.

When the sugar and spice was being dished out, I must have been on the opposite side of town, being sprinkled with sarcasm, curse words, filthy jokes, and far too much ginger.

I’m obsessed with reading, laughing, and making memories.

My love for reading came from my grandad buying all the Enid Blyton books, which turned into all of the Harry Potter books, and that somehow turned into spicy romance books that rock my world.